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The Crystal Religion and Liberal Socialism


It has become common to talk about the New World, or the New Age. But what about it? What can the New Age really be?

This book is the first stone in the vast edifice that will constitute the New Age, proposing two fundamental structures for any new civilization: its religion and its economic paradigm.

The Crystal Religion is a new religion which is universal and which integrates in a completely new framework the main beliefs of the existing religions and religions of the past. It gives a renewed meaning to life and offers a theory of history from Adam to the present day. It also proposes a map of the Soul, explaining all its dimensions, its principles, its dynamics, its temporality, at work at the level of the individual, the Society, or the World.


This book proposes a new economic paradigm, associated with Liberal Socialism, whose aim is to cure the evils of Capitalism, not by returning to liberticidal Communism, but by creating a new economic system where employment, and not profit, is the Holy Grail of all enterprise. In these times of unprecedented economic crisis, where mass unemployment, already present before the crisis, is likely to reach a magnitude never before known, it is time to consider a fundamental reform of the economy, in the service of full employment and freedom.


In addition, this book sheds light on several collective psychic phenomena that have taken place over the past 20 years.

© 2021 by Rémi Richer

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